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12: Life and Becoming Brilliant, a Far Ranging Conversation with Ameer Rosic

March 31, 2021 Chip Franks and Ameer Rosic Season 1 Episode 12
The ChipChat Podcast
12: Life and Becoming Brilliant, a Far Ranging Conversation with Ameer Rosic
Show Notes

Howdy from Texas, You Beautiful Soul!

Today on the podcast, I'm joined by one of the most brilliant thinkers you'll ever hear--mind you, this isn't what HE says, it's just my estimation of him, how he thinks, and the extraordinarily unique way in which he approaches all things in life.

It's my friend, Ameer Rosic.

From his bio at, he's a:

Multiple Founder, Investor, Philosophy Junkie, and Psychonaut.

You're about to be blessed with hearing Ameer talk about how he's turned from being a 9th-grade dropout into a phenomenal life of love, learning, abundance, 

He's one of the most interesting people you'll ever get a chance to meet, virtual or otherwise, and I know you'll get that when you press play on this edition of the podcast!

In this VERY far-ranging conversation about leading a better life, here's some of what we discuss:

  • Epigenetics. The software for life.
  • Life Experiments.
  • Social norms and feedback loops.
  • Capital "R" religion and some of Ameer's spiritual beliefs (he's studied a lot into this)
  • Spirituality as a base for our ACTIONS.
  • The two coming futures: natural or Gattica?
  • The thesis for A.I. and how it might think.
  • "Heaven is on Earth, and man doesn't know it."
  • How Ameer got to be so freaking brilliant!
  • How Ameer reads (or has a relationship with a book)!
  • An easy hack for learning another language.
  • How he and we remember so much of what we read and learn.
  • What he's looking for when he reads a book.
  • The MIRACLE of new life and him being a proud new Papa.
  • 2 BIG THINGS to lead a better life.
  • Emotional Bank Accounts and what life is all about.

And...a whole lot more. These lists are never all-inclusive!

I should warn you, there are a few "F" bombs--although not nearly as many as I thought there would be, and traditional "big R" religion is tested here, so I hope you can allow that to your ears.

I promise you'll be blessed for it.

Thank you for listening to The ChipChat Podcast.

Please know that you're loved and deserving!

Chip ❤️👍