The ChipChat Podcast

15: Starting Over (and How to Do It) and Getting Everything you Want with...IPOD.

April 22, 2021 Chip Franks Season 1 Episode 15
The ChipChat Podcast
15: Starting Over (and How to Do It) and Getting Everything you Want with...IPOD.
Show Notes

Howdy, you beautiful, fearfully, and wonderfully made Soul!

This week was another solo Chip-i-sode where I answer another great question from someone who is "Starting Over" at age 43, and what my advice is for that.

I also go over an excellent thought process that has made a difference in my life. I learned the root of this with a several hundred dollar, twelve+ hour course, and you get it HERE, for free...'s an improved version of what I learned originally as it's been refined over many years and lots of usages by myself and some others. It's called IPOD. More on that in a second.

First of all, here is an article by the amazing Derek Sivers that I reference in this podcast, it was so good for me and I love that I get to share it...

It's called "How to Do What You Love and Make Good Money."

Then, I move on to the thought process of IPOD. It stands for:


And it's a way to approach most anything of significance in our lives. Having an important conversation? Starting a project? Want to have a fantastic weekend? Want to set up the most amazing, romantic date ever for your lover?

Use IPOD!!!

Some of what we cover:

  • The concept of educational investment.
  • The origins of IPOD.
  • A philosophy of living, deep intention with no attachment.
  • The difference between outcomes and intention.
  • When the why gets big, the how gets easy.
  • Anticipating what could go wrong in advance.
  • Why it's better on paper.
  • The importance of design.
  • Form follows function.
  • The Idea List.

And a lot more, jam-packed and dripping with useful, strategic information guaranteed to make life better or all of the money for this podcast will be doubled and refunded. Hahahaha.

Seriously, take a listen!

Let me know what you think, as always!


Chip ❤️👍