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17: HOW TO BECOME AN IDEA MACHINE: Get Smart, Resourceful, and Always KNOW What to Do!

May 05, 2021 Chip Franks Season 1 Episode 17
The ChipChat Podcast
17: HOW TO BECOME AN IDEA MACHINE: Get Smart, Resourceful, and Always KNOW What to Do!
Show Notes

Hey. You. Aww, yeah, you BEAUTIFUL SOUL!

You know what it's time for? It's the ChipChat podcast!

For all of the extensive show notes, articles, and IDEA LISTS for this week, go see

(that picture is of me with James Altucher!)

First--before we get started, I wanted to tell you about a VSE...A VERY SPECIAL EPISODE coming up on June 1st of 2021.

It's the long-promised "Memento Mori" episode, which translates to "remember death," and it's a tribute and in honor of my Mom, Brenda J. Franks (6.1.49 - 10.25.20). It will feature our conversations on her death bed, and we'll talk a lot about what LIFE is about, and how someone can leave it so gracefully.

Can you please set your calendars for that one, give it a listen, and recommend it to friends? I promise I promise it will be worth your and their time in listening.

As far as becoming an IDEA MACHINE...and remember, all of the goodies, video, articles and more are at

Here is some of the powerful, impactful, and very sexy training in which we engage in this potentially life-changing episode (IF you do it)!

  • The IPOD for this episode. Intention, Purpose, Obstacles, and Design.
  • WHY should we become an Idea Machine.
  • My story about becoming an Idea Machine.
  • The ACTION that it takes to become an Idea Machine and some of the science behind it, yo.
  • What are some examples of an IDEA LIST?
  • 20 Idea Lists to Get You Started.
  • The Siren Song and What Happens When You HAVE to Follow an Idea!
  • Useful tips and techniques on the IDEA LIST.
  • How to get this habit started, even though this is a single PODCAST EPISODE can actually make a difference in your life!


So, you know what to do! Press play on this bad boy (girl?) and take so many notes that your pencil starts smoking!

And go get all of the goodies, muchachos y muchachas at

You are loved and deserving!

Chip ❤️👍

P.S. Please come back for the June 1st VSE (Very Special Episode) on The ChipChat Podcast. And I love you!