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May 20, 2021 Chip Franks Season 1 Episode 19
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Show Notes

Howdy, you BEAUTIFUL SOUL!!!

Two ChipChat Episodes in one week?!!

Yes, I promised that--and I delivered that to you.

My friend, today we're talking all about the concept of The Hero's Journey and specifically YOUR Hero's Journey.

It's a concept coined by a magnificent human being named Joseph Campbell, and it's the story thread that runs through all great tales of humankind.

It's the Call to Adventure, the Mentor, the Facing of the Dragon, and the Return with the Treasure.

And more importantly than that, it's a way to think of our own lives.

Here is an article I wrote all about The Hero's Journey to better understand it. "This Concept Alone Determines a Great Life..." by (ahem) Chip Franks.

And HERE is the MOVIE about The Hero's Journey written, directed, and produced by Patrick Solomon...MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER (often playing on my laptop while I do work on it)...FINDING JOE!

In this solo Chip-isode, we talk about how I discovered The Hero's Journey, what it is, a little about my current Hero's Journey and the serendipitous way in how that came about--which involved this very podcast and my conversation with amazing human and billionaire Naveen Jain.

What I didn't mention in this podcast is that the school I'm starting, The Imagine Academy was named due to that being Naveen's favorite word, "IMAGINE."

There are so many possibilities with that word!

It evokes hope, dreams, innovation, ways to make things BETTER for us all.

Then we talk about YOU, and YOUR Hero's Journey...which is the most important thing.  I'd love for this ChipChat to get you to think of your OWN life and the Hero's Journey that you may be on now--or that you may want to search for.

The suggested exercises for this are to:

Watch Finding Joe.
Read the Article.
(optional) Order and listen to "The Power of Myth" by Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers

Here are two questions I'd recommend to help find the Call to Adventure for your own Hero's Journey...write these out in a journal and spend some of the very best time you ever could in thinking about these:

1. What did you want to be as a child? There are probably some clues there for your Hero's Journey.


2. What would you do if you had a billion dollars in the bank and didn't need to concern yourself with money?

Think about those, and let me know what you're doing with your Hero's Journey!

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Chip ❤️👍