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Memento Mori 2: The Five Regrets of the Dying.

July 20, 2021 Chip Franks Season 1 Episode 24
The ChipChat Podcast
Memento Mori 2: The Five Regrets of the Dying.
Show Notes

Howdy, you beautiful soul!

Ooh, check out the picture associated with this podcast. That is an actual gravestone of another man--born two years after me, and dying back in 2001...and the name on the tombstone? Chip Franks. Hardly a common name.  The story of this and how I found it and what it set into motion is in this podcast, along with many other concepts and ideas about Memento Mori and the five regrets of the dying.

In this episode, we delve deep into the whole concept of "Memento Mori," which means "remember to die." When we think and meditate on our own mortality, and we realize that our bodies will stop taking breath, our hearts will cease to beat, and our skin will grow cold...

Then we can USE that to inform our lives now.

From Seneca to Stephen Covey, we delve into many of these ideas--

And I share several ACTIONS and activities that can turn these thoughts and concepts into ways that we can actually improve our lives.

After the Memento Mori deep dive (or medium dive, as I COULD have talked a lot longer), we go into the Five Regrets of the Dying.

I was about to list them here, but then that might ruin the surprise when you press play on this.

One of the exercises I mention in this Magnum Opus about Memento Mori is writing our own Obituary. Yes, that's strange, but you'll "get it" when you listen to this.

The example that got me thinking about this was when my friend Giovanni Marsico did it and he posted it on Facebook. I said I would link that to the show here it is for you by clicking right here!

Hey, I love that you're reading this, and listening to my podcast. Thank you, sincerely.

The thing I'd like to leave you with as I sign off on this is that YOU ARE WORTH thinking about all of this. YOU ARE DESERVING of doing something to make your life even more extraordinary by doing these exercises--or others of your design.

Please let this be a start to continuing or starting of designing and leading a life true to that you shall never find yourself, "leading a life of quiet desperation."

You are loved, and you are deserving.


Chip ❤️👍