The ChipChat Podcast

A Conversation about Unlocking Genius With the Great Jon Berghoff

July 27, 2021 Chip Franks and Jon Berghoff Season 1 Episode 25
The ChipChat Podcast
A Conversation about Unlocking Genius With the Great Jon Berghoff
Show Notes

Howdy, you Beautiful Soul!

Thank you for pressing "play." I don't take that for granted and try to deliver something great for you each and every week.

And this week, oh boy--I have something special for you.

It's the...

and Impactful

Jon Berghoff.

Or maybe I should say, "Professor Berghoff," as I just found out he's a professor and I'm good friends with the man!

He is the founder and leader of XChange, which is a company that facilitates events that get the BEST out of everyone in attendance. His company has worked with a who's who in the fortune 500 world to include Facebook, BMW, CostCo, NASA, TedX, HeartMath, and many more. Jon knows what he's doing, and he makes it seem effortless.

He's also a professor and an extreme athlete along with being a husband and father of three.

Rather than having a static, passive learning experience from a "Sage on the Stage," XChange has a "Guide on the Side." That means that they ask amazing questions, engage everyone in attendance and get the very best collective wisdom out of everyone.

You'll see a lot more of that means in our conversation.

In this, we geek out over learning, my new school, Jon's Hero's Journey, and then the actual methods he uses to unlock genius, which are, btw...genius.

You're going to love this.

I'd also recommend that you get Jon's methods for doing this, and you can sign up for a free workshop where he shows you what he does. You can get that by visiting

As someone who's been through the training, I can tell you that it's just amazing.

Enough of this! Press play and bathe yourself in Jon's brilliance.

And remember that you are LOVED and DESERVING.

Chip ❤️👍